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Reon Properties Limited (RPL), Reon Real Estate Limited (RREL), Reon Land Housing Limited(RLHL) are the most professional real estate company in Bangladesh. RGRE (Reon group real estate) is one of the well-known Real Estate Company in Bangladesh. RGRE (Reon group real estate) is a sister concern of REON GROUP.

The Company was formed to develop well designed, Competitively well-balanced real estate company in Bangladesh. Over the past decade, we’ve been consistent in our objective of contributing our quota to the growth and development of Bangladesh’s economy. As well as a lot of individuals and corporate clients through investment in the real estate sector. Generally, the major investment of Real Estate might be in finance and management services.

Those companies are a pre-eminent focused property company with a large, well-balanced portfolio comprised of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. It is renowned for its impressive development of residential properties and its landmark development of RPL LR TOWER, Reon Aroma House, Reon Bilkiss Palace, Reon Hazel Lodge and Reon Ricer Sight in Dhaka. The company also has a growing portfolio of property investments in Bangladesh and an interest in property development across the whole of Bangladesh. RPL & RREL handled several types of projects with strong work methods.

We’ve also served as residential and Commercial Property Management Specialists. Where we’ve gained a good reputation in property management. Because of our delivery process with the best service which provides integrity, professionalism, and peace of mind to our clients.is 

Our Mission

The mission of Reon Group Real Estate, Company is to provide an outstanding level of service and expertise in the real estate market that is innovative and ambitious. The Reon Group Real Estate, Company is dedicated to the highest standards, systems and performance necessary to fulfill all of your real estate dreams. To establish our agency as the preferred real estate company within our market area, by building relationships within our community, staff and business providers. To provide systems, tools and services for our staff to enhance their careers and help them achieve the highest degree of success in their business and personal lives.

Our vision

The vision of Reon Group Real Estate, Company is to achieve the highest possible standards of the real estate market while establishing our agency as the premier and preferred real estate company in the surrounding areas. The satisfaction of our customers is the main priority of Reon Group Real Estate. Our goal is to be a point of reference in everything related to Real Estate “if we cannot provide the service, we can find the people that will do it” setting ourselves apart. To make the Real Estate buying and selling of real estate as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service Along with providing accurate and up-to-date information, skilled analysis and sound real estate advice and to continually explore new ideas and technology, to make the selling and buying of real estate faster, less costly, and easier.

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Mrs. Mahbuba Moly

Reon Group Real Estate

Mahamudul Hassan (Reon)

Managing Director
Reon Group Real Estate

Saleh Ahmed

Reon Group Real Estate

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